Bitumen Roofing

Therma Seal Roof Systems LLC is one of the roofing leaders of modified bitumen roofing systems (MBRs) and is approved by virtually every manufacturer in the industry to install their roof systems. Modified bitumen is an evolutionary offshoot of asphalt roofing. That is, while we use asphalting roofing materials in our MBR applications, we amalgamate them with a series of solvents and modifiers to optimize them. The most common roofing bitumen variants that we currently use are roofing atactic polypropylene (APP) and styrene butadiene styrene (SBS).

An APP is less expensive but also has lower impact resistance, while SBS has superior impact resistance but is more costly. In addition, SBS modifiers give asphalt a ‘rubber-like’ texture while APP modifiers cause roofing asphalt to exude a plasticized aesthetic. Hence, MBRs provide a wide range of combinations to create the ideal roof for your commercial or industrial roofing needs. MBRs provide several benefits.

For instance, MBR components are resistant against fire, splitting, and thermal shock. We believe that the various combinations at our disposal offer possibilities for optimal durability, style, and elemental resistance.