Metal Roofing

As a metal roofing specialist, Therma Seal Roof Systems LLC is your best choice if you are going to opt for a metal roof. Our experience installing metal roofing on homes and commercial buildings allows us the ability to install a metal roof of any shape or size. At Therma Seal Roof Systems LLC we always place our roofing customers first.

Therma Seal Roof Systems LLC believes that there are many advantages to using metal roofing for your needs. For instance, metal roofing is quite lightweight and is very durable, and the average lifespan for metal roofing is about 50 years.

Therma Seal Roof Systems LLC also recommends metal roofing because of its optimal weight to strength ratio and impressive flexibility. Metal roofing is also an excellent choice due to its resistance to wind, fire, and hailstorms. Interestingly, most metal roofing materials such as copper galvanized and aluminum consist of 95% biodegradable alloys which make it a great option if you are concerned about the environmental impact of your roof.